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Jan Marini Antioxidant Group

Antioxidant Group

Currently, tremendous interest and research is being focused on antioxidants and their value in helping to reverse and prevent free radical damage. By definition, free radicals are highly unstable oxygen molecules with unpaired electrons that must seek other molecules with stable electrons to achieve their own stabilization. Attaching to the stable electron of other molecules accomplishes stability, but as a result the "good" molecule is then transformed by the free radical into another free radical whose function and shape is now altered.

Free radicals work quickly. In mere seconds, one radical can trigger a chain reaction that produces thousands of additional free radicals. The damage caused by the free radicals can range from cell damage or ultimately, cell death. Such cellular breakdown manifests itself superficially in lines, wrinkles, dry skin, loss of elasticity, and skin discoloration. On a deeper level, free radical destruction can substantially destroy the collagen and elastin support system, degrade DNA, damage vital enzymes, impair critical immune functions, and cause general tissue deterioration.

Certain substances termed as "antioxidants" can interrupt or even prevent this cellular onslaught. Another term for antioxidants is "free radical scavengers" because of their ability to provide electrons to which the free radical can attach itself. The antioxidant electron can thus be rendered harmless before it can attach itself to a so called "healthy" radical and begin the destructive chain reaction.

Physicians and scientific researchers now recognize the tremendous preventative and anti-aging potential of topically applied preparations that contain antioxidant capabilities. Jan Marini Skin Research has developed the antioxidant product group be incorporating substances that have proven remarkable benefits to aid in preventing one of the primary sources of cellular damage and aging.

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