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Personalized Skin Care

Personalized Jan Marini Skin Care Plans

Jan Marini products should be used as part of a professionaly managed skin care program. Healthy Skin by Design offers free personalized Jan Marini skin care programs created by Justine Taylor, RN. Jan Marini skin care plans are created on an individual basis based on your skin type and goals. Plans are typically available 24 hours after sumbission.

New Clients: Get your complimentary personalized skin care plan
ExistingClients: Enhance your results and build upon your current skin care plan

Returning users that want to view their skin care plan can do so by either logging on and viewing their customer page or by entering the ID number of the completed Questionnaire and their email address:

Returning Users:

Non-Registered Guests:

Email Address:
Skin Care Plan ID:
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